Wednesday, February 27, 2008


EnemyLines7 is essentially the same as EnemyLines3 only a bit more difficult, and missing some convenience-features that make it less fun over all.

The only difference between this one and EnemyLines3 is that the things you're shooting at stay in the sky, and fly in formation, instead of randomly dropping from the sky. 'Story'-wise (big double-quotes with fingers around the word story, here), you're in a battle-mech this time, your opponents are bombers (not robots), and you don't have a jetpack, you have 'jumpjets'. It's all cosmetic, mostly.

Your health is actually the city's health, which makes you a giant target. Combine that with the fact that there isn't really anywhere you can go that gives you a great vantage point to defend against the waves of bomber-planes, and you can see how the game is more difficult than its precursor.

The limited amount of booster fuel is as annoying as it was in EnemyLines3 but it probably matters less - if there were enough of it that you could spend a lot of time in the sky, then it would totally change the way the game was played; as it is, you just don't use it very much.

EnemyLines7 feels like an attempt to retool EnemyLines3 that the author got really bored with and never finished. Something about the way the jetpack (oops, jumpjets) moves means it's really hard to tell exactly where you're putting your feet down, which wasn't a problem in 3, and there's only one level that just goes on n' on in this one. It also forces you to quit the game whenever you get a game over, and then re-start the game from your taskbar/command-line for another go, which is just annoying.

Basically, don't bother with this. There are 8 EnemyLines games by this guy, and a lot of them are very different; I'm not sure why the Ubuntu people decide to only offer packages of 3, and its decidedly inferior demi-clone 7, but I'm sure that there's no reason at all to play 7. 3 is better, and 7 adds nothing. Unless you have a bomber-fetish; then 7 is all that will satisfy, I suppose.

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