Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ouch. Einstein had me craving a simple sudoku puzzle in no time. For logic puzzle fans, this is a great one. For people who don't want to spend an awful lot of time staring at a screen trying to work out relationships (the mathematical kind), this is probably not something you should download. I think this would work best with a piece of (a ream of) scratch paper handy. Get ready to bang your head against a wall! Repeatedly!

The premise is simple, of course. There are six rows of six unique cards. The game gives you clues as to the relationship of some cards to other cards. Your job is to use those clues to discover which card is where. The best way to describe it is Minesweeper, without the randomness but requiring infinitely more concentration.

If you tell it a card is in a certain place, and the card isn't there, game over. Thankfully, there is a 'save game' option. I kept having to brute-force the first card or two, based on guesses, and from there I was mostly okay. If I'd wanted to get out the scratch paper, I think I could probably have worked out the position of that first card most of the time, but... yeah, I'm impatient and lazy.

If Minesweeper meets sudoku sounds like a raucous good time, this is so up your alley. It was very, very, very far removed from my alley, but I have to admit that it's a great logic puzzle, and it looks nice. Not much in the way of sound, but what there was wasn't annoying - just some plops n' the sound of breaking glass when you screw up. Great game for a very small niche.

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