Monday, February 4, 2008

Attal: Lords of Doom

Unfortunately unplayable, at least for me. Out of the box, I ran into the biggest problem I've seen with the whole automatic-installation thing under Linux, namely that when you compile something yourself, you know where all the documentation is. Attal: Lords of Doom is apparently lacking in any real documentation anyway, but it took forever to discover that.

The GUI loads, but I can't get it to do anything except display a few messages indicating that it's doing something. It never actually does anything. I went to Taco Bell hoping that it would have loaded a scenario by the time I got back; no such luck.

The forums for the project are non-functional on the official website, and have received like a dozen posts since 2005 on the SourceForge site (linked in the first paragraph), so there wasn't much help to be had there. The only posts I saw that had been made in 2007, outside of the announcement of a 1.0 release candidate by the developers (I think that was a bit premature) were people with the same problems I had, namely, the game not working.

If anyone tells me the magic secret to getting this thing functioning, I'd be glad to check it out. I was looking forward to it. There is much disappointment and gnashing of teeth in the house of Devlocke tonight.

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