Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Ok, time for another confession: I'm American. Unlike many Americans of my generation, I did actually play soccer (rest-of-world football, whatever) for a few years in middle-school. But it hadn't reached even the depths of popularity it's at in the U.S. today, much less the frenzied level of obsession the rest of the world seems to have.

What the hell do I know about leagues n' whatnot? I'll tell you what: nothing at all. Which is sort of important, as Bygfoot is a football (soccer) league-management sim. I think these are all the rage in the rest of the world, and maybe with Americans younger than me, but I'm not them.

I can't even begin to comprehend this game, and it's probably very simplistic in its approach - it claims to be, at least. I don't remember what position I played, and I don't know positions there are, and I can't even remember the difference between red cards and yellow cards. I can follow a game on tv, sort of. Managing a wall of text on my computer?

Nup. Can't do that. So here's a review from some sort of soccer-related blog. Interestingly, he chose the same "I will not customize my blog at all" look that I did, so if you ignore the top banner, you can pretend you're reading the review here. I think he might even be an American - he chose to play within our league, anyways, and I can't think of any reason why anyone not from American would want to do that.

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