Saturday, March 22, 2008


What can I say about Fyrdman? It's ugly, I can't make it do anything, and I think it's multi-player only, which puts it outside the mission of this blog. It has no documentation: it was designed to run under KDE, not Gnome, and so trying to use the help command just gets you a 'There is no documentation' error in some KDE help-file system thing.

This is a game from the 'GGZ Gaming Zone Project', which "makes free online gaming possible." Or at least, the website says it does. It doesn't seem possible for me.


Anonymous said...

I can't agree more. No documentation, not a clue how to play it. Pretty useless.

seven_six_two said...

Nice. I only came here looking for the documentation.

Scott said...

Since this is in the top page of Google's results, here's what I found through some real quick experimentation.

You are the green player, in the blue alliance (see Game>Unit Information). Your five pieces are in the top-left of the default screen. Each of the eight players gets to move a single knight per turn. Move by clicking the knight, then selecting a different space to move it to. The goal is to wipe out the other alliance, by moving onto one of their knights. Strategy is left as an exersise to the reader.