Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FCE Ultra

Another emulator, here. FCE Ultra emulates NES games. It works, and works well. There's really not much to say. The only thing I noticed that was a bit annoying was the input-configuration. I was using the GUI frontend for GNOME, and it wanted 3-4 different buttons for each NES button being mapped to my joypad. It was different for each button; the directions got two, the A button got 3, the B button got 4, and so on. Just a bit weird. More annoying was the fact that it didn't save the config, so after closing the GUI, when I restarted it, it had forgotten the controller info. If you were to be un-lazy and play it from the command line, you'd have to edit the config files, and that wouldn't be an issue. So while the emulator is dandy, the GUI has issues.

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