Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gnome KiSS

Gnome KiSS is a non-game - it's a file viewer for 'French Kiss' files, which are sort of an upgraded music-and-scripting-enabled version of the old 'Kiss' files which were... paper dolls on your computer.

Yep. You use Gnome KiSS to view Kiss packages you've downloaded. Open 'em up, and you're presented with a 'doll' figure and a bunch of clothing you can drag and drop onto it. When I was 12, I was amused for like 18 seconds by dragging all the clothes off of one, and seeing it naked. That's still amusing for a few seconds, but after that brief time passes, there's nothing else to do. Unless you like playing dress-up with cartoons on your computer.

For the record, I downloaded a Ranma 1/2 Kiss set to test out Gnome KiSS with, and while it seemed to work (it was actually neat, in that just like in the comic, Ranma changes gender when s/he gets wet, so you could poor water on the character model to swap it back and forth), it gave me error messages when it loaded, and didn't play music despite the fact that it was supposed to. No idea where the error lies, and the basic 'gameplay' of dragging and dropping clothing worked fine.

I feel dirty.

Since it's not really a game, I can't really recommend it on the basis of its gameplay. If the idea of playing with drag n' drop paper dolls on your Linux box appeals to you, then by all means, give this one a shot.

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