Thursday, January 17, 2008


At last, a short one. This is my favorite form of solitaire, and I've played at least four or five versions. For the record, Mahjongg is the single-player "match like tiles" form of mahjongg, not the multi-player pokeresque form. Matching tiles removes them from the board, but only the tiles that have at least one side not touching another tile can be played. The point is to get rid of all the tiles.

Only two tilesets, so it's not as fancy as other versions I've played, but the two tilesets are nice-looking traditional styled, and anything else is just window-dressing. The controls are the same in this version of mahjonng as they are in every other version I've ever played: click, click. There are around ten different formations you can play in, so there's a decent amount of variety, but all you really need is the default one.

One interesting thing about this version is that the status bar keeps a count of how many different moves you have available at the moment, dynamically updating every time you make a move. This is handy if you're like me and like to just willy-nilly click on whichever ones you see first; if you notice that you're running out of options, you can take your time and make sure you're making the wisest move.

It looks alright, it plays fine, it has some nice features: Mahjongg is mahjongg. Good job, guys. It's not broken like Gnometris.

I apologize for that.

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